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Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Pete Slifker Photography

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 1)


Jungles of Maxtheria

Jungles Of Maxthera (Picture 1)


Low-Joe:  Reverse Blackjack

Low-Joe Reverse Blackjack (Picture 1)


Poker Dealer's Toolkit

Poker Dealer's Toolkit PDTK (Picture 1)


Space Bombardiers (2D/3D)

Space Bombardiers (Picture 1)


Study Whatty:
IATA/ICAO Airport Codes

Study Whatty: IATA-ICAO (Picture 1)


Study Whatty:
Spanish to English

Study Whatty: Spanish to English (Picture 1)


Study Whatty:
Poker Drills

Study Whatty: Poker Drills (Picture 1)






      Most of games listed here are multi-platform such as on Windows and Android.


     Low-Joe:  Reverse Blackjack has a US Patent with other patent(s) pending.  We welcome any serious distribution inquirery from any gaming company or casino.  This is a real casino card game with house edge professionally calculated by gambling author Tony Guerrera ("Killer Poker by the Numbers" and "Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers").  Low-Joe is meant to be installed in casinos as a table game.


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Alphabet Google Android:
 - Android 5.1+ (Lollipop) (API 22+).
 - ARM or ARM64.
 - OpenGL ES2.0+, OpenGL ES3.0+, Vulkan.
 - 1GB+ RAM.

Alphabet Chrome OS:
 - Most Chromebook models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android or Chrome apps.
 - There are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps natively as well.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
 - Apple iOS 12.0+.
 - Metal graphics.

Apple Macintosh:
 - macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra)
 - Apple Silicon, x64 with SSE2.
 - Metal capable Intel & AMD GPUs.

 - Ubuntu 20.04+, Ubunti 18.04, CentOS 7 or Steam OS.
 - x64 with SSE instruction set.
 - OpenGL 3.2+, Vulkan capable.

Microsoft Windows:
- Window 7 (SP1+) +.
- x86, x64 with SSE2 instruction set.
- DX10, DX11 or DX12.
- This will work on Windows operating systems after Windows 7 (Windows 10 & 11).

Microsoft Windows 10/11 (UWP):
- Windows 10 or Windows 11.
 - x86, x64 with SSE2 or ARM, ARM64.
 - DX10, DX11 or DX12 GPUs.
 - This will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.

Windows 10/11:
- Newer build versions of Windows 10 can run Linux apps but may require addtional setup first (WSL).
 - Windows 11 can run Linux apps (WSL) and Android apps but may require additional setup first (App Store).
 - "Windows Subsystem for Linux" (WSL) is available on the Windows Store.



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