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Poker Dealer's Toolkit
(The only app a poker dealer will ever need)

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     Poker Dealer's Toolkit (PDTK) is the definitive app for poker dealers, brushes and supervisors. Keep track of your income, expenses, tables and a whole lot more. A must for dealers only on Android.

- Ratings:

     - Even though this is an accoutning and management app, the ratings are not "E for Everyone".  Oddly, they do vary greatly from country to country.  As gambling is for adults and dealers are also adults, then it really doesn't matter what the ratings are.  The people using this will be adults anyways.

- Requirements:

      - "PDTK" is an Android only app and requires Android 28 (Pie) or better.  Version 2.02 and 2.20 are basically the same except that some of the graphics were changed.  Google required the API upgrade so it had to be done.  If using the older version and can not upgrade, then don't.  They function the same.

- Settings (Set up and track multiple casinos for):
    - Name of Casino (Such as Rio)
    - City of Casino (such as Las Vegas)
    - Employee ID (so you won't forget)
    - Tip Sharing (deducted for brushes)
    - 401K (Deducted and Matched)
    - Forced Deducted Lunch Time Minutes (In case they take your pay out automatically for lunch)
    - Down Start Times (set any 30 minute combo such as :00 & :30 or :13 & 43)
    - Tax Calculator (help determine your tax rate)
    - Casino Hourly Pay Rate (the casino may pay out hourly pay differently that tips)
    - Last Day of Pay Week (different casinos have different pay weeks)
    - E-Mail Address (to send yourself database backups)
    - Cash Hourly Pay Rate and Tips Frequency (Some casinos pay different rates for cash and tournaments)
    - Tournament Hourly Pay Rate and Tips Payment Frequency
    - Supervisor Hourly Pay Rate and Tips Payment Frequency
    - Sit & Go Hourly Pay Rate, 3 different bonus amount rates and tips payment frequency (some casinos pay out bonuses for dealing sit/goes)

- DB Utils lets you have multiple database groups for multiple events or casinos.

- Event and Transaction IDs (Database of different events & transaction ID. (Borgata-5 could be an event at the Borgata with the 5th receipt for expenses. Each is different so you can track them)

- Calculator (Quick link to the calculator)

 - Camera (Change from front to back camera, flash modes, effects and different sizes):
    - Pay Stub (Take a picture of your pay stubs and keep in one folder)
    - Schedule (If you can't remember when you are supposed to work, take a picture of your schedule here)
    - Income (If you turn in cash tips, then take a picture of the receipt just in case they don't pay the proper amount)
    - Expenses (Take a picture of a expense receipt and link it to the database. Whenever you look at a record, you will see a picture of the receipt right there)

- Convert and E-Mail (Convert your income, expenses and string tracker databases over to .CSV format and E-Mail it to yourself as a backup. View the whole database in raw form on Windows using Microsoft Excel or on Android using KingSoft Office (or really any spreadsheet). Tells you when you last converted you database as a reminder to back them up.

- String Tracker:
    - Keep track of every 30 minute down all day long. Quickly put in the table number, time and type of game dealt. You can save this to the database to view and modify at a later date. If you ever are shorted a down, use this tool to prove where you were at. Yes, casinos do short dealers downs and money all of the time,

- Income (Keep track of every possible income area that you can think of. Save to the database to view and modify at any time.):
    - Date and Time In & Date and Time Out
    - Cash Tips Amount, Hours Worked, Downs Worked & Hourly Pay Rate
    - Tournament Down Rate, Tips, Hours Worked & Hourly Pay Rate
    - Supervisor Tips, Hours & Hourly Pay Rate
    - Free Time Hours (Breaks), Downs & Hourly Pay
    - Sit and Go Tips, Hours, Small/Mid/High Bonus Amounts
    - Tip Sharing
    - 401K Deducted and Matched
    - Taxes
    - Hours and Minutes worked
    - Estimated Net Pay

- Expenses (Keep all of your receipts and deduct all business expenses from your taxes.):
    - Date (such as 9/6/2015)
    - Weekday (such as Tuesday)
    - Event ID (such as WPT)
    - Transaction ID (such as 16)
    - Amount
    - Company (Where did you buy this form)
    - Category (such as food)
    - Do you have the receipt?
    - Location (where did you purchase this from)
    - Picture (Link a picture of the receipt so you have a backup in case you loose the original)

...and a whole lot more.


Poker Dealer's Toolkit: Instructions




      Version 2.20 of "PDTK" has been uploaded to the Google Play Store.  It is an Android only app and requires Android 28 (Pie) or better.  Version 2.02 and 2.20 are basically the same except that some of the graphics were changed.  Google required the API upgrade so it had to be done.  If you are using the older version and can not upgrade, then don't.  They function the same.  However, any new users will need Android 28 or better.  New screenshots have been uploaded to this page and to FaceBook.


      The smaller videos were combined into 1 long video and was added to YouTube.  This allows just 1 link for the instructions.


Alphabet Google Android:
 - Android 10+ (Quince Tart) (API 29+).
 - ARM or ARM64.
 - OpenGL ES2.0+, OpenGL ES3.0+, Vulkan.
 - 1GB+ RAM.

Alphabet Chrome OS:
 - Most Chromebook models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android or Chrome apps.
 - There are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps natively as well.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
 - Apple iOS 12.0+.
 - Metal graphics.

Apple Macintosh:
 - macOS 10.13+ (High Sierra)
 - Apple Silicon, x64 with SSE2.
 - Metal capable Intel & AMD GPUs.

 - Ubuntu 20.04+, Ubunti 18.04, CentOS 7 or Steam OS.
 - x64 with SSE instruction set.
 - OpenGL 3.2+, Vulkan capable.

Microsoft Windows (EXE):
- Window 7 (SP1+) +.
- x86, x64 with SSE2 instruction set.
- DX10, DX11 or DX12.
- This will work on Windows operating systems after Windows 7 (Windows 10 & 11).

Microsoft Windows 10/11 (UWP):
- Windows 10 or Windows 11.
 - x86, x64 with SSE2 or ARM, ARM64.
 - DX10, DX11 or DX12 GPUs.
 - This version will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10 (See .exe).

Windows 10/11 (Linux):
- Newer build versions of Windows 10 can run Linux apps but may require addtional setup first (WSL).
 - Windows 11 can run Linux apps (WSL) and Android apps but may require additional setup first (App Store).
 - "Windows Subsystem for Linux" (WSL) is available on the Windows Store.
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