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Study Whatty:  IATA/ICAO Airport Codes
(IATA & ICAO Airport Code Flash Cards)

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     Are you in the airline industry or thinking about entering it? Then you know that you will have to memorize the 3-digit IATA (International Air Transport Association) and possibly 4-digit ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) airport codes. These are the codes that represent an airport. Use this app to memorize the IATA/ICAO airport codes, names of the airports and where they are located.

     So you think you know these?
     - Where is MCO? That's the Orlando International Airport but what does the MCO stand for? It is McCoy Orlando because it used to be McCoy air force base.  You need to know that.  It could be referred to as "OIA", "Orlando International Airport", "MCO" or "KMCO".

     - Did you know that most US airports have a 3-digit code like COD but their 4-digit code just uses a K in front of it like KCOD? It's easy to go between them.

     - Did you know that some airports have completely different codes like FCA and KGPI for Kallispell, Montana, USA? This is tough to know.  This app helps you learn.

     - What about the names of the airports themselves? When someone wants to go to JFK airport, then you need to know the code and the airport name.


       We have you covered. The flashcards shows the information you need to succeed.

     Version 1.0 supports both domestic US and international codes for:
     - Alaska Airlines
     - Allegiant Air
     - Frontier Airlines
     - Hawaiian Airlines
     - JetBlue Airways
     - Southwest Airlines
     - Spirit Airlines
     - Silver Airways
     - Sun Country Airlines
     - United Airlines (Domestic USA only for now)

     In the future more airlines will be added. If you have a suggestion, let us know.


     - This app is part of the "Study Whatty" series.  By using it's engine there is the possibility of adding other games like trivia, word games, match games and more.  You can look at the "Study Whatty: Poker Drills" app we did for some of the other games that the engine supports.  The price is reduced now as it's just flash cards, but if there other games do get added, then the price will go up.  By getting the app now, you are entitled to future updates. 


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      - 11/16/2019 - "Study Whatty:  IATA/ICAO Airport Codes - FLASH CARDS" version 1.22 was uploaded to the Google Play Store (Android) and Microsoft Store (UWP Windows 10).  This fixed a bug where you could "see through" the background messing up the game.  It is now fixed.


     - 10/28/2019 - "Study Whatty:  IATA/ICAO Airport Codes Flash Cards" was  uploaded to the Google Play Store (Android) and Microsoft Store (UWP Windows 10).  Screenshots and videos were uploaded to YouTube, FaceBook and here.

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