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BLASTO! Space Bombardiers
(Save the Earth against the Space Invaders)

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     Invaders from space are approaching the earth and you must blast them out of the sky. If any of the invaders land on Earth, then it's game over. Use the meteors as shields from the enemy onslaught. Take out the flying saucers for extra fire power. Hold out as long as you can from wave after wave of the enemy onslaught. Save the Earth!

     - Aliens are worth 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 points each depending on row (10 is lowest row & 60 is highest row).
     - Flying Saucers are worth 500 points each & will either give double fire power or take it away from you.
     - Meteors are worth 5 points each, but any that survive until the end of the level will give 1000 points each.
     - A bonus ship is awarded at 10,000 points.

     - You can play with a touch screen/accelerometer, keyboard or joystick/joypad.
     - Single fire will fire one shot for each button press. You have to release the button to fire again.
     - Auto-fire will automatically keep on firing your weapon over and over .
     - If you are using a device with an accelerometer, then you control the ship by holding the screen flat above the ground and tilting the device left or right. The more tilted it is, the faster the player's ship will move.

     - The author spent a lot of time writing the game. To be able to offer a free version for you, the game works off a coin based system. Go to the coin menu, watch an ad and get coins. Use the coins to play the game. This replaces any annoying ads that may be onscreen during the game. To watch an ad, you need to be connected to the internet. If the ad doesn't play, try again later. It's probably the server or internet. If you don't want to watch the ads, then there is an option to get unlimited coins there as well.

Starting Game:
     - You start the game using either 1 or 2 coins.
     - 1 Coin: Single shots. The player ship always fire 1 shot at a time.
     - 2 Coins: Duel shots. If you destroy the flying saucer, the player ship will fire 2 shots at a time.
     - You can choose to use the accelerometer/touchscreen or keyboard/joystick.
     - Accelerometer/touchscreen: Has onscreen virtual buttons to press.
     - Keyboard/joystick: Use keys on the keyboard to control the ship or plug in a joystick. The joystick supports both modes (analog and digital). Digital mode is when the ship moves at the same speed all of the time. Analog mode is when the ship will move faster if you press the joystick farther (this is also the mode for the accelerometer). Navigating though the menus is done in digital mode so if it doesn't seem to work, you may need to press the 'mode' button on the joystick.

Game Play:
     - Move your ship left or right firing up at the bombardiers.
     - Press the fire button to shoot lasers.
     - Destroy all of the aliens and a new wave comes up.
     - Occasionally, a flying saucer will appear at the top of the screen.
     - If the bombardiers get to the bottom of the screen or if the player looses all of his ships, then the game is over.


Gameplay Footage #1 (SD)




- 01/30/2018 - Some minor updates were made.  I will be redoing parts of the game soon especially the menus.


Alphabet Google Android:
Works on most Android 64-bit devices from Android 4.4 (KitKat-Year 2013) (API 19) or newer.

Alphabet Chrome:
     Most Chromebook (Chrome OS) models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android apps.  Also, there are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps as well.  Some older models are being upgraded as well for Android and Linux support.  Check first before you buy.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
     Should run on Apple iOS 8.0 (Year 2014) or newer.

Apple Macintosh:
     Will run on Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan-2015) or newer.  However, it may run on as early as Mac O SX 10.9 (Mavericks-Year 2013).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

     Look at the last few characters of the filename.  ".x86" is the 32-bit Linux version. ".x86_64" is the 64-bit version.  After clicking on the icon to run the game, a pop-up may appear.  Say 'Yes' to make it an executable file and run.  Minimum Ubunti 12.04 (Precise Pangolin-Year 2012) or newer or Steam OS.  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on Windows 7 SP1 (Year 2011) or newer (7 SP1, 8, 8.1 and 10).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

Microsoft Windows 10 Universal:
Works on all Microsoft Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops, tablets or phones).  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM Windows 10 versions (Year 2015).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.
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