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Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata
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Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 1)


Start Menu

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 1)


VCS/2600/2600 Jr. (Pac-Man)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


5200 SuperSystem (Kangaroo)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


7800 ProSystem (Donkey Kong)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles



Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles 


Lynx (Chip's Challenge)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Jaguar/CD (Doom)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Arcade Launch Menu

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Arcade (Asteroids Deluxe)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Print Material (Comic Book)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Print Material (VCS Catalogue)

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


Credits Menu

Irata: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles


      400+ jigsaw puzzles for video games from Atari.  These include screenshots, box art, print material and photographs.  Nowhere else on the planet will you find anything like this.  If you are a fan of Atari, this is a must.

     - 400+ high quality, high resolution real puzzles.
     - All pictures are already in the game. No need to download any more content.
     - No ads, no subscriptions, no buying more content. Everything is already included.

     - 8x6 (48 pieces), 12x9 (108 pieces).
     - Timers are set from 5 minutes (small) to 1 hour (large). Timers allow you to play against a clock. You can turn timers off if you like.

     - 2600 (VCS), 5200 SuperSystem, 7800 ProSystem, XEGS (Excellent Game System), Lynx, Jaguar/CD, Arcade and printed materials.

     - Can pause the game.
     - Game is automatically saved on exit and restarted on entrance.
     - Can play multiple games without finishing. Finish when you want.
     - Puzzles include hints that set pieces into place.
     - Can reshuffle the pieces at any time.
     - Double click the board to quickly zoom in/out.
     - Can quickly reset camera to start position.
     - Shows pieces left and total number of pieces in the puzzle.
     - Play with a countdown timer for excitement or turn off the time for relaxation.
     - Words with mouse and touch screen.
     - Can set the zoom speed to 1 of 5 settings to your liking.
     - Puzzles are either square or horizontal.
     - Screen is always set to landscape/horizontal for better play.
     - Pieces are randomized and spread around the board when a new game is started.
     - Pieces can be snapped together in smaller groups before placing into place.
     - Because all of the content is already included in the app, the in-game response time is lighting fast. No need to wait for things to be downloaded off the internet.

     - Can toggle double click fast zoom in/out to on or off.
     - Can toggle countdown timer to on or off.
     - Can adjust the music and sound effects volumes by themselves.
     - Can adjust the transparency of the puzzle background.
     - Settings are saved and will be automatically loaded when the app is run.

     - Puzzles are comprised of real high quality, high definition pictures. These are not some low resolution drawings.
     - The size of the download is bigger than other puzzles games. Why? Because the pictures are in high resolution and they are included in the game. No more downloads. This allows you to play anywhere at anytime.


Trailer #1 (HD 2K)




      - 06/20/2019 - Trailer #1 video was posted to YouTube and Facebook.


      - 06/09/2019 - SlifkerGames was at the "Ongaku Orlando Overdrive IV (2019)" yesterday.  We showed off "Jungles of Maxtheria" and "Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata".  This was the worldwide launch showing of "Ja-ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata" for the first time so I choose to play the two best Atari 2600 games:  "  "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and "Pac-Man".  I asked people what they wanted to play and "Ms. Pac-Man" was the most requested game.  This was a day long event with a room that had musicians on-stage with a dance floor full of people and another room of indie video game developers.  I got to meet a number of people who were more than willing to play the games but also give ideas of how to better them.  Good times. 

Orlando Overdrive 2019 - "Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata" with Atari 2600 Pac-Man (Top)  & "Jungles of Maxtheria" (Bottom)



Orlando Overdrive 2019 - Michael Slifker showing off "Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata" with the Atari 2600 version of "E.T." Box Scan (Top) and "Jungles of Maxtheria" (Bottom)



- 06/01/2019 - SlifkerGames has finished developing "Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles: Irata" a while ago.  There are 400 puzzles (200 puzzles at 2 different sizes) with everything Atari.  The games has been beta tested and the bugs fixed.  This uses the Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles game engine that we developed so we knew it'd be good.  We are holding off on the release right now.  We have reached out to Atari.  Although the pictures falls under "Fair Use", we would prefer working with them on this.  I can see releasing this on a stores such as Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Play Store (Android).  It could even be used as a pack-in for the VCS which has a release date of late 2019.  Who knows?  This is such a great marketing opportunity for Atari that I can't imagine them not wanting this released.

      What needs to be done?  1) Work out a partnership with Atari, 2) Decide which systems/games/screenshots/print material will be used, 3) Take new screenshots and 4) Replace the current puzzles with new ones.  The screenshots and puzzles now are meant as placeholders.  When the time comes, we will replace them which is an easy thing to do.  It's really not much.  The big part is loading up the systems, playing the games and taking good screenshots.


Alphabet Google Android:
Requires Android 32-bit (for now, but they are dropping 32-bit support in 2020) or 64-bit devices.  Requires Android 4.4 (KitKat) (API 19) and OpenGL ES2.0 or newer. As of the end of 2019, less than 4% of Android users use an OS older than API 4.4.

Alphabet Chrome:
     Most Chromebook (Chrome OS) models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android apps.  Also, there are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps as well.  Some older models are being upgraded as well for Android and Linux support.  Check first before you buy.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
     Requires Apple iOS 10.0 or newer.

Apple Macintosh:
     Requires Mac OSX 10.12 or newer.  Requires a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities or better.

     Requires Ubunti 16.04 (or newer) or Steam OS.  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities (shader model 4.0) or better.  EXECUTABLE FILE: Look at the last few characters of the filename.  ".x86" is the 32-bit Linux version. ".x86_64" is the 64-bit version.  After clicking on the icon to run the game, a pop-up may appear.  Say 'Yes' to make it an executable file and run.

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities (shader model 4.0) or better.  Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on Windows 7 SP1 or newer including Windows 10. 

Microsoft Windows 10 (UWP):
Requires Microsoft Windows 10.  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM Windows 10 versions.  Requires a graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities or better.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.
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