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Study Whatty:  Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles
(Take your jigsaw puzzles with you & never lose a piece again.)

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 1)


Start Menu

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 2)


Puzzle: Colorfull Canyon

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 3)


Puzzle: Tree Frog

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 4)


Puzzle: Horses by Fence

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 5)


Moon Over Mount Rainier

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 6)


Puzzle: Niagra Falls

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 8)


Puzzle: Space Shuttle Piggyback

Study Whatty: Ja-Ja-Jiggy Jigsaw Puzzles (Picture 9)


      Take your jigsaw puzzles with you. Never lose a piece again. Jigsaw puzzles are super popular for a reason. They are fun and very relaxing. Ja-Ja-Jiggy is a collection of over 100 high definition puzzles taken by an award winning photographer.

     - 100+ high quality, high resolution real puzzles.
     - All photographs are already in the game. No need to download any more content.
     - No ads, no subscriptions, no buying more content. Everything is already included.
     - Don't be fooled by the dozens of puzzles flooded the market from the same people with thousands of pictures with lots of pieces. These photographs are 100% real.

     - 6x6 (36 pieces), 12x6 (72 pieces), 12x12 (144 pieces) and 24x12 (288 pieces). 288 pieces is plenty big enough especially on a cell phone with a small screen.
     - Timers are set from 5 minutes (small) to 1 hour (large). Timers allow you to play against a clock. You can turn timers off if you like.

     - Animals: alligators, bears, bees, frogs, ducks, deer, mouses, birds, butterflies, wasps.
     - Industry: bridges, roads, museums, Mini-Golf, subways cars, boardwalks, skylines, sidewalks, lighthouses, trains, roads, houses.
     - Nature: cliffs, canyons, waterfalls, mountains, rocks, flowers.

     - Can pause the game.
     - Game is automatically saved on exit and restarted on entrance.
     - Can play multiple games without finishing. Finish when you want.
     - Puzzles include hints that set pieces into place.
     - Can reshuffle the pieces at any time.
     - Double click the board to quickly zoom in/out.
     - Can quickly reset camera to start position.
     - Shows pieces left and total number of pieces in the puzzle.
     - Play with a countdown timer for excitement or turn off the time for relaxation.
     - Words with mouse and touch screen.
     - Can set the zoom speed to 1 of 5 settings to your liking.
     - Puzzles are either square or horizontal.
     - Screen is always set to landscape/horizontal for better play.
     - Pieces are randomized and spread around the board when a new game is started.
     - Pieces can be snapped together in smaller groups before placing into place.
     - Because all of the content is already included in the app, the in-game response time is lighting fast. No need to wait for things to be downloaded off the internet.

     - Can toggle double click fast zoom in/out to on or off.
     - Can toggle countdown timer to on or off.
     - Can toggle music on or off.
     - Can toggle sound effect on or off.
     - Settings are saved and will be automatically loaded when the app is run.

     - Puzzles are comprised of real high quality, high definition photographs. These are not some low resolution drawings.
     - Photos are supplied by award winning Pete Slifker Photography with over 50 years of experience.
     - Other than at awards, these photographs have never been released to the public until now.
     - The size of the download is bigger than other puzzles games. Why? Because the photographs are in high resolution and they are included in the game. No more downloads. This allows you to play anywhere at anytime.


Trailer #1 (Standard Definition)




- 04/02/2019 - Version 1 was uploaded to Google Play Store (Android).


Alphabet Google Android:
Works on most Android 64-bit devices from Android 4.4 (KitKat-Year 2013) (API 19) or newer.

Alphabet Chrome:
     Most Chromebook (Chrome OS) models starting from late 2016 should have the Google Play Store pre-installed to be able to download and run Android apps.  Also, there are some Chromebook models that will run Linux apps as well.  Some older models are being upgraded as well for Android and Linux support.  Check first before you buy.

Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad):
     Should run on Apple iOS 8.0 (Year 2014) or newer.

Apple Macintosh:
     Will run on Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan-2015) or newer.  However, it may run on as early as Mac O SX 10.9 (Mavericks-Year 2013).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

     Look at the last few characters of the filename.  ".x86" is the 32-bit Linux version. ".x86_64" is the 64-bit version.  After clicking on the icon to run the game, a pop-up may appear.  Say 'Yes' to make it an executable file and run.  Minimum Ubunti 12.04 (Precise Pangolin-Year 2012) or newer or Steam OS.  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on Windows 7 SP1 (Year 2011) or newer (7 SP1, 8, 8.1 and 10).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.

Microsoft Windows 10 Universal:
Works on all Microsoft Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops, tablets or phones).  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM Windows 10 versions (Year 2015).  Requires a graphics card with DX10 capabilities or better.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.
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