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     "Pax-Man" is a project that I started a while back before "Jungles of Natheria".  The goal was to learn grid-based programming using tiles with arrays.  This is how the old school arcade games did it.  They used tiles in a grid then they moved the objects from tile to tile.  Today, we just move game objects and put colliders (invisible walls) around the objects for interaction.  So what better way to learn this than to clone the most popular arcade game of all time.  Thise game is not emulated (such as using MAME).  It is all original code.  The arcade version was written in the 1970s in assembly machine language with limited resources(which, BTW, is extremely hard to do).  "Pax-Man" was written in Unity with C#.  So there would be small differences.  One obvious difference to me is the slash mark in-between CHARACTER and NICKNAME on the opening title screen.  The font I am using is close, but not perfect.  The arcade version's slash was more horizontal so it was rotated clockwise a little more.

     Obviously, the game can not be released in the current form with the graphics or audio.  However, once complete, then the graphics and audio can easily be replaced with new ones.  So we'll just say they are temporary placeholders.  The maze too can be redone real fast.  Finally, the gameplay would switch over to "Pax-Man" which has a few new twists.  This would still be a maze-based game, but far enough away to be considered original.  What you see has taken only 4-5 days of work.  As far as completing the project, I am not sure.  This was just something to do to learn programming.  Whenever I get around to it then I might mess with it some more.  For now, it is just a demo.


Copyright and Trademark:
     "Puck-Man" is a trademark of Namco(Japan) and "Pac-Man" is a trademark of Bally/Midway(USA).  Its graphics and audio are also copyrighted to Namco and Bally/Midway.  The software code and this original version are copyrighted to SlifkerGames.  No relation between SlifkerGames and Namco/Bally/Midway is implied.

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- 5/25/2018 - Someone wanted to see this project so I added it to this web page.  As this is a demo project, who knows if or when I'll ever mess with it any more.  This does show that I can port a game over faithfully.  So what needs to be done?  1)Finsh the movement around the grid, 2)Power-Pills, 3)Ghosts.  It seems like a lot but really isn't.  The big part is the programming the grid for movement.


Alphabet Google Android:
Works on Android devices.  However, due to the slowness of older devices, these apps are limited to newer Android versions to avoid lagging.  For most apps it is Android 4.4 KitKat (API 19) or newer.  This covers most Android devices.  Also, Google is phasing out 32-bit apps and requiring apps to run on 64-bit devices (which most are anyways so that shouldn't affect you).

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on most, if not all, Windows operating systems (XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Microsoft Windows 10 Universal:
Works on all Microsoft Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops, tablets or phones).  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM Windows 10 versions.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.

COMING (Uncertain)

- Currently under development with a multi-platform release projected in 2019.

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