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Low-Joe:  Reverse Blackjack
(All of the fun of a casino without losing any money)

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     Low-Joe is a casino card based game. Now you can play the actual casino game right on your Android device before stepping into a casino with real money.

    Low-Joe can described as "A Suped-Up Reverse Blackjack". The object is for you to draw a lower rank of card than the dealer. If you draw a higher rank card, then you bust. You can split pairs, double down, triple down, instantly win on first card Aces, play Aces for bigger payouts and have continuation bets. Jokers, which normally is half of the previous card, come into play for Low-Joes and Super Low-Joes. That's where the big money is.

    A "Basic Strategy" chart is included to teach you the best way to play. You can also click on the help button and tells you what to do. A practice mode is included so you can choose what cards are dealt. This is a great way to practice before ever stepping foot into a casino.

    This is rated medium maturity as it is a casino type game and Google requires that setting.

    It truly is the casino card game of the future.

    Low-Joe:  Reverse Blackjack has US Patent #8,505,920 and other patent(s) pending.  We welcome any serious distribution inquirery from any gaming company or casino.  This is a real casino card game with house edge professionally calculated by Tony Guerrera (author of "Killer Poker by the Numbers" and "Tournament Killer Poker by the Numbers" with contributions to "Killer Poker Online 2" and "Killer Poker Shorthanded").  It is meant to be installed in casinos as a table game.

Google Android:
Works on Android devices.  However, due to the slowness of older devices, the apps are limited to newer versions to avoid lagging.  For most apps it is Android 4.1 or newer (API 16).

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on most Windows operating systems (XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Windows 10 Universal:
Works on all Microsoft Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops, tablets or phones).  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM  Windows 10 versions.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.

Google Play Store:

[Android] Low-Joe:  Reverse Blackjack (Free)

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