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COMING (Late 2018)

Pitfalls Of Nathera (Picture 1)

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Play as either "Hot Spot" Harvey  or his cousin Roxy Roks searching for the lost treasure of the infamous Doctor Slifker.  Your quest for fortune and glory will not be easy however.  This adventure is full of baddies aimed at stopping you dead in your tracks.  Use knives to dig though walls, bullets to battle the baddies, grappling hooks to jump over long distances, oxygen tanks to breath under water and torches to see what lurks underground.  Few ever return from their expeditions into the deep jungles.  So if you are brave enough, the Jungles of Natheria awaits!

Gameplay Footage




- 7/11/2018 - iX.  SlifkerGames is planning on attending "iX Orlando" August 17-18, 2018 (Fri-Sat) to show off "Jungles of Natheria".  It is the largest gathering of creators in VR, AR, video games and the digital arts in the southeast US.  They will have over 100 exhibitors with around 4,300 attendees.  It is being held for the 4th time at Full Sail Live's Entertainment Business Building in Winter Park, Florida.  Tickets are $25.  More info can be found at: .  Once confirmed then I will give an update here.


- 7/10/2018 - I am in the middle of completly redoing the baddies.  The ones you see in the video are just place holders.  There are now about 40 different baddies each with 2-4 variations.  This gives a wide array of possibilities for the player to encounter.  Hopefully in the next week or so they will be finished and placed into the game.  Some of the baddies that have been created this month include: vultures that drop eggs from high above the player, tiny rats that attack the player's feet, a floating character that steals items from the player and skeltons that are doomed to walk the depths of the underground.  It should be fun to see all of them placed.


- 6/25/2018 - I just updated the weather system (rain, snow and time of day).  The reason is that the game engine I am using stopped support of the old legacy particle system.  So if I wanted rain and snow, then I had to redo them or stay on the old game engine.  Luckily, the guy who wrote the new particle system helped me redo some of the code.  I thought it would be a big thing but it turned out to be fairly easy.  This all should look pretty close to what it was before.  Now, the next big thing is finishing up on the baddies.


- 5/21/2018 - Youtube's "Biff's Gaming Videos" just uploaded an event video of the April, 2018 "Ongaku Overdrive:  Orlando Overdrive 2018".  "Jungles of Natheria" is shown at 2m:30s into it.  It is also shown on the wide shots before that.  There are no interviews.  Now, what I did was raffle off a free Atari 2600 Jr. to anyone who played "Jungles of Natheria".  Towards the end of the video you can see footage to the drawing and the winner.  Cool beans.

Biff's Gaming Videos - Orlando Overdrive 2018



- 5/02/2018 - I just completed a total overhaul of the treasure chests.  Before they were generic that could be placed anywhere.  That worked, but I wanted more.  Now, each chest is unique with it's own set of treasures and baddies.  This also required changing some level geometry, changing locations of some chests and locations of some keys to make it work.


- 4/19/2018 - At the "Orlando Overdrive", players discovered some bugs.  I have spent the last few days fixing them.  Below is a list of what was done.  Thanks to everyone who played "Jungles of Natheria".  By finding bugs lets me make a better game for you to play next time.

- The treasure chest kept playing the same sound effect of the door opening even if it was already open.  Fixed.

- The main menu got 2 changes.  The first is the green/blue bar now moves looking like a barber poll.  The second is the SlifkerGames logo now gets bigger and smaller.  It just looked weird that other things were moving and these were not.  Changed.

- The moon was removed as it just didn't work.  This was left over from the Time of Day effects but each day is to short for the moon or sun to move.  Removed.

- There was a bug if you left a menu and came back, then the cursor guy would be on the wrong menu item.  This was due to the fact that when the menu would pop up, it was not updating where the cursor guy is placed.  Fixed.

- In the cheats menu the white and purple keys were not displaying properly.  They showed yellow/blue icons in their places.  Fixed.

- As I changed the level design the last couple of weeks, it changed the ceilings of some areas where the guy could not throw the grapple up to the ceiling.  I lowered those ceilings.  Now in those areas one can throw the grapple up to the ceiling.  Fixed.

- There were little areas here and there where the black was not there or there dirt was missing.  This was due to changing the level design.  Basically, the black that you see are just a series of black pictures.  When I changed some levels areas, I did not add some in those locations.  Fixed.

- A suggestion was made that when it snows in the winter to change the trees, mountains and hills with snow on them.  This would give it a winterly feel for those 3 winter months (Actually, as of right now each day equals a month and each day is 90 seconds long in real time.  So a 12 month cycle takes 18 minutes in real time.  If they are any longer then the player might end the game before going though all of the seasons).  I really like this idea.  Possible: under review.


- 4/15/2018 - The "Ongaku Overdrive:  Orlando Overdrive" was last night.  I showed off "Jungles of Natheria" there along with about 6 other companies showing off their games a well.  I had 2 systems running so 2 people could play at the same time.  When I was leaving home in the afternoon to go there, I grabbed one of my Atari 2600 systems (complete with Asteroids, 2 joysticks and paddles).  I decided I'd have a free raffle for it as long as people played the game.  So I gave out raffle tickets supplied by the "Geek Easy" to any non-employee that played my game.  At the end of the night they had the raffle.  I didn't get his name, but the winner seemed happy enough.  Now, I did forget the A/V cable so I ran home and picked it up for him just before midnight.  I think the reason of the missing cable was that my car's battery died as I was loading the car.  Instead of checking the Atari, I was busy trying to get the car to work.  AAA came out and replaced the battery for free and I was on my way.  I also forgot my pant's belt as well.  When I got to the "Geek Easy", my pants kept falling down so I to called my parents to bring me a belt.  What's interesting is my dad used to have a photography studio in the same building couple of doors down back in the 1980's.  So my parents got to reminese about the good old days there.  Anyways, I do like this idea of giving out systems to get people to play the game.  In the future I'll probably raffle off more classic game systems at these events.  A fun time was had by all.

"Geek Easy:  Overdrive Orlando 2018" Booth



"Geek Easy:  Overdrive Orlando 2018" Atari 2600 Raffle Winner



- 04/12/2018 - This would be only of interest to a select few but I thought it would be interesting to share how a programmer thinks.  I added a 'Convention Mode" to "Jungles of Natheria".  This is a special mode that I can trigger to do certain things.  It's not really a "cheats mode" persay but more of things I do not want to happen that in a normal game a player could do (BTW: there is a huge cheats area, but that's something different).  A video game store employee might call it a 'Kiosk Mode".  When I have shown off the game before, there's always someone that exits the game to the desktop or does unexpected things.  So I added a mode to the game that won't allow certain things.  That way I can leaave the game unattanded and not have to worry about the game sitting there on the Desktop until I get back.  ..and yes, I told you this would only be of interest to a select few.


- 04/11/2018 - I just received confimation that we will be showing off "Jungles of Natheria" at the "Ongaku Overdrive:  Orlando Overdrive 2018" ("Ongaku" is Japanese for "Music").  It's Saturday April 14, 2018 from 4pm - 11pm in Winter Park, Florida at "The Geek Easy" (436 and University Blvd.).  This is a bar/resteraunt/lounge/comic book store so there will be food and drinks. This event is actually a music event that has 9 video game music acts that will be performing all day and evening long. They decided to open it up to indie video game developers in their "Independent Games Showcase".  So you can come out to listen to music, drink, eat and play cool games that have not been released yet.  There is a $15 at the door for the event.  For more info:


- 04/10/2018 - I finished a complete redo of the doors, keys and treasure chests.  Each stage now has 5 colored doors (blue, green, red, purple and white). Each door has a single colored key to open it of that color.  The new treasure chests use any yellow colored key to open them.  There are 5 treasure chests per stage and 5 yellow keys too.  A player can hold 1 door key of each color but up to 5 total yellow keys.  The doors are set in given locations.  When a new game is created, each treasure chest is randomly placed in 1 of 2 spots and each key is placed in 1 of 3 spots.  The locations are saved to disk.  That means if a player resumes the game later, then the location of the keys and treasure chests are loaded and placed in the same spots as before.  By doing this reallly has changed the dynamics of the game.  So now the player has better replay value.  It's not the same game over and over.  Whenever a new game is created, then new spots are randomized and saved over top of the old locations.  Then when a game is resumed, the old spots are still there.


04/07/2018 - Changed the name from "Pitfalls of Natheria" to "Jungles of Natheria".  Working titles do change names from time to time.  The guy and girl's names were changed as well although I am not completely happy with that.  They may have their named changed again sometime.  No biggie.  Anything and everything is open to change, deletion or addition if it makes a better game.


- 03/29/2018 - I had set the keys to be at the same X and Y coordinate positions for every game.  This was fine, but I needed more.  So, I set up randomizers for them.  Now when a game starts, it picks a random position for every key (each key may have up to 6 positions that they can be at).  Also, I set it up so that when a new game starts, the keys are randomized and their locations saved.  Later, if you continue the game then the keys will all be there at the start of the stage.  Whenever a stage starts, all doors are locked, keys are placed in the scene and the player will not possess any keys in his inventory.  That way you can just start the stage anew.  BTW:  everything else is saved between games and will load for a saved game (inventory, health, coins, etc.).


- 03/27/2018 - I have busy working hard with changes.  Here are some of them since the Octronicon.

- Complete redo of menu system.

- Complete redo of controller input.

- Added percentage bar showing how far in the stage one is (at top/left of screen).

- When health is at 1, the guy turns red.  At health 2 it is yellow (top/right of the screen).

- Added new UI layout (top center of screen).  Now one can change it's look to keyboard, joystick or user config.  A user can make it look however he wants.

- Added persistance between stages.  Going to another scene saves the items and health.

- Added treasure chests.  You need the yellow key to unlock and random things will come out.

- Got rid of the yellow doors.  So now there are 3 different colored doors.  This required a remap of the doors.

- Added random spots for the keys to be placed at.

- Added an orange hue around the guy underground with a torch.

- Added animation for torches.  When using a torch the guy now holds a torch.

- Added a way to delete the player prefs.

- Complete redo of the start screen.  Now you can choose things like continue game, UI layout and such.

- Complete redo of the touch screen button layout.  The new ones should be easier to use on a mobile device.

- Added a frost wizard looking guy to use as a pointer in the menus.

- Partial redo of the time of day/weather system.  This will have to be completely redone as the engine Unity is discontinuing the old particle system in April 2018.  This will be a pain, but the game should run a few frames faster when I do this.

- Added a help area with pictures of the keyboard and a Windows 10 controller.  As I get more controllers, I can add them here.

- Added placeholder baddies.  Baddies need better AI and better placement in the game.  Not a big deal, but am holding off until last to do so.

- Changed the market buying items.  Before after buying an item it got more expensive.  I changed this.  Now the items stay the same price.  That just didn't work.

- ...and a whole bunch of little things.


- 02/22/2018 -  The "Melrose Center Creative Expo 2018" went pretty well.  I was in the training room with several other independent video game companies.  Some were even at the "Octronicon 2018".  What a week.

"Melrose Center:  Creative Expo 2018" Booth

Melrose Center 2018


- 02/12/2018 - I just received confimation that I will be showing off "Jungles of Natheria" at the "2018 Melrose Center Creative Expo" at the downtown Orlando, Florida public library.  It is this Saturday Feb. 17, 2018 from 1-4 pm.  It should be a smaller event.  They will be giving out awards to people who used the Melrose Center to create things.  As I did the work elsewhere, I am not eligible.  However, they are allowing independent video game devleopers to show off their games.  So I will be there.


- 02/10/2018 - "Biff's Gaming Videos" on YouTube posted a video about the Otronicon.  About 22 minutes into it they show off the game and interview my niece Laci.  Also, it won the award (a "Biffy") for "Best Platformer Game".  Cool.  Our first award.  I am honored.  Thank you BGV.  Hopefully more will come in the future from other events. 

Biff's Gaming Videos - Otronicon 2018



- 02/10/2018 - I found this video with a brief shot of "Jungles of Natheria" at 19m:20s - 19m:40s into it. 

RMS: Otronicon 2018 showcase/walkthrough Youtube video



- 01/29/2018 - Joystick, input and menu system were completly redone due to feeback at Otronicon 2018.  Now there is a 'default weapon' (the knife) that is mapped to button 2.  Moved the settings from button 3 to on the screen.  You have to move the currently selected item to use it.  This allows button 2 to be the knife and button 1 to be the bullets at the same time.  Also mapped the torch and oxygen tanks to buttons 4 and 5 as hot keys.  Some joysticks may not support these buttons so they are also able to be used via the currently selected item (yellow striped rectangle).  So you have use 4 items plus jump with a button press.  The hook and the pause menu need to be accessed thought the menu.  The main menu and settings menus were gutted and redone.  This was a big project:  three weeks worth but well worth it.  Thanks for those at Otronicon with the suggestions.  I did listen.


- 01/17/2018 - Here is a link to a video of Otronicon 2018 sent to me from JoAnn Newman at the Orlando Science Center.  There is a quick clip of the game at :32 seconds in the video.  The whole video is 1:37 long, so a 2 second clip is pretty good.  Thanks. 

OSC Thank You - YouTube Video



- 01/16/2018 - Started making changes from feedback at Otronicon 2018.  I didn't want to do these things just yet, but the people have spoken.  It's basically joystick input and the menu system.


- 01/12/2018 - 01/14/2018 - First public showing of "Jungles of Natheria" at the Otronicon 2018 at the Orlando Science Center.  I heard the word 'cool' a billion times boosting my confidnce level of a hit game.  There were 2 laptops running 2 games.  There were always people in both seats at all times.  As soon as someone got up, someone sat down.  I think it was a big success.  Thanks to all who stopped by, played the unfinished game and made suggestions.  I did listen.

"Orlando Science Center:  Otronicon 2018" Booth

Melrose Center 2018


- 01/09/2018 - Otronicon 2018 just e-mailed me confirming that I will be attending.  I will be doing Fri-Sun (not Mon).  I have a lot to do by then: logos, banner, business cards, t-short, instruction handouts and such.  It's 3 days away and the game is not working.  I am optimizing it to go faster and smaller on the hard drive.  Not the best time to show it off.  Oh yeah, the baddies have to be added to the game.


- 12/15/2017 - Here is the link to the Orlando Science Center's Otronicon 2018 page of the game.  Otronicon Website - Pitfalls of Natheria page


- 12/07/2017 - I attended Indienomicon at the downtown Orlando Public Library (Melrose Center).  Rupert Megnot (Burnout Game Ventures), who I met at Florida Free Play 2017 around Thansgiving 2017, talked me into showing off "Jungles of Natheria" at the upcoming Otronicon 2018.  That night I signed up.  They said they would e-mail me back with confimation.


- 11/24/2016 - (Thanksgiving) - First private showing of "Jungles of Natheria" at my Neice's place to family members.  Very early on but basics do function.


- October 2016 - Full-time work began on "Jungles of Natheria" in October 2016.  First as a 3D platformer, then a 2.5D side scroller (that's a 3D game with the camera going left and right only) and finally a 2D sidescroller.  The 2D sidescroller worked the best.  It had to be small enough for Google Play Store, fast enough to run on mobile, cheap enough to make and easy enough for one person to do.


Alphabet Google Android:
Works on Android devices.  However, due to the slowness of older devices, these apps are limited to newer Android versions to avoid lagging.  For most apps it is Android 4.4 KitKat (API 19) or newer.  This covers most Android devices.  Also, Google is phasing out 32-bit apps and requiring apps to run on 64-bit devices (which most are anyways so that shouldn't affect you).

Microsoft Windows x86_64:
Has both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions.  It will work on most, if not all, Windows operating systems (XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10).

Microsoft Windows 10 Universal:
Works on all Microsoft Windows 10 devices (laptops, desktops, tablets or phones).  Has both 32-bit, 64-bit and ARM Windows 10 versions.  It will not work on Windows operating systems before Windows 10.

COMING (Late 2018)

- Currently under development with a multi-platform release projected in 2018.

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